You know that feeling when you’ve got a really tough business problem, and there’s no one to turn to that has the right perspective to help?

          How would you like to never have that           feeling again?

Lead Your Journey, book by Doug Packard

New book by Doug Packard. Available on Amazon.

We are looking for a few good leaders…that are hungry to become great leaders!

Are you:

  • driven to take your professional life to the next level of success?
  • determined to reach a higher level of satisfaction?
  • yearning for some unbiased, unfiltered, experienced input?
  • thirsty for practical learning at the Top Executive/Business Owner level?
  • secure enough to have your answers, questioned?
  • open to learning things that you didn’t know, you didn’t know?
  • tired of your business life running you instead of you leading your business life?
  • wishing you had more control over your time?
  • primarily adding, to your bucket list?
  • ready to define success, your way?

Helping Leaders Accelerate Their Success!

We exist to support the success of Top Executives and Business Owners.  Holding the top position in any organization is a big challenge.  Everyone around you has built in biases and agendas that cloud their interactions with you.  Leaders need outside coaching that can provide unbiased input and feedback about critical issues and opportunities.  Also, it is imperative that the person at the top keep learning and growing as a leader including resources from outside the company and industry.

Our services have been developed and evolved over more than a 30 year period and leverage individual interviews with over 600 top executives and business owners. With each individual client, we co-select and customize appropriate services that will support the leader in achieving their goals.

Client Comments:

“I have grown my business over 300% since working with Doug.”

“My industry was down 10% last year, I was up 17%; I have a good coach!”

“Supported by Doug’s services, I not only regained the support of my Board of Directors, I successfully merged another organization into mine.”

“With Doug’s assistance, I not only secured a huge increase in my CEO compensation, I was able to negotiate a significant ownership percentage.”

“Before working with Doug, I really didn’t have a plan for growing my business.  Now my entire team is in alignment on exactly where we are going, why we are going there, and how we are going to get there.”

“My life was my work before getting Doug’s assistance. Now I delegate and coach, spend more time externally (as a CEO should), work out regularly, and I even got married.”

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